Story of the Winery

Hermeziu stands for destiny, valour and vigour. It is the story of the Negruzzi Dynasty domain. It is the vibration of the wine of 200 years ago, nowadays passed as legend with preface.


Crama Hermeziu (Hermeziu Winery) currently develops within the corporate group Domeniile Lungu, a family business, sustained and developed through investments in technology and modernization. The wines made by Hermeziu Winery reveal a special bound with the land, being conceived to hand down to posterity the history of their place of origin.


Hermeziu, the maiden name of Costache Negruzzi’s mother, equally has an ancient etymology and is buried in tumultuous legends. It renders the red colour, crimson-hued and defines the spirit of fighter, of hero freeing his keen, state or territory from attackers and predators. It named the village and boyar domain, pride of the peasants on the brink of the Prut River, resonance of the nowadays winery. The members of the Negruzzi family rejoiced, sorrowed, lived and died in the domain of Hermeziu. From the writer Costache Negruzzi, to Ella Negruzzi, the first female lawyer of Romania, Leon Negruzzi, writer, mayor and prefect of Iași City, to the general Mihai Negruzzi and his son Bob Negruzzi, French language writer, all of them bound their destinies to the lands of Hermeziu.


White, red or rosé, the wines Hermeziu Winery brings to the attention of the public contain. above all. sparkles of story, mystery and literature.


The terraced relief and modern technique have succeeded, as of 2006 marking the beginning of the history of the Winery, in creating a perfect environment for the grapes cultivated on the 132 hectares of land. Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Busuioacă de Bohotin, Fetească Albă, Fetească Regală, Risling de Rhin, Fetească Neagră or Muscat Ottonel are wine varieties painstakingly made by reputed oenologists, with equipment imported from the prestigious Italian company Casa Grande, to obtain prized wines, with a very good natural acidity.